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Soccer predictions for 2020-04-09. Statistics, tips, results and bet help.

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Team host
Team guest
 Factors that affect over the prediction:
    A. All matches between the teams
    B. Last matches of the host team (only as host)
    C. Last matches of the guest team (only as guest)
    D. Advantage of the host team
    E. Standings of the teams in the championship
    F. Rank of the country's league
    G. Rank of the teams


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MatchesP R E D I C T I O N S
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tHost  GuestiTipsResult1X2 H1HXH2 hc1hcXhc2 click to votec
 1X2 H1HXH2 hc1hcXhc2 click to votec
17:15Utrecht - Ajaxcanc31%24%45% 27%37%36% 91%71%45% 17%29%54% 
 1X2 H1HXH2 hc1hcXhc2 click to votec
01:00Real Esteli - Juventus Managua0:0Half time results: 0:0 68%22%10% 54%28%18% 95%53%42% 60%25%15% 

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No prediction. Not enought matches to build correct predictions.
post Match is postponed.
canc Match is cancelled.

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